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HVAC Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps


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*** Mass SaveĀ® Incentives ***

  • rebates up to $10,000
  • 0% financing heat loan

This is the best time to get the best deal on ductless mini-splits!

Too Hot? Too Cold?

Ductless mini-split heat pumps give perfect temperature

Ductless mini-split heat pumps provide heating & cooling, air filtering air, dehumidifying, energy savings, money savings, and individual climate control. That's why they're the best HVAC technology available.

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Feeling cold? Warm up any drafty room in your home.



Feeling hot? Cool off with quiet conditioning. 

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Remove moisture from the air with a built in dehumidifying.

Air Filter 52

Air filtering

Breathe clean filtered air good for health

the perfect temp anywhere

Mini-splits can deliver HVAC to as many rooms as needed. Wherever you want to control the temperature a 'head' unit is installed. It can operate independent of all the other units, so everyone can dial in their perfect temperature.

Rebates and 0% financing

Mass Save incentives make a new system affordable

$10,000 Rebate

With big Mass Save rebates you can cut the cost of a new system.

0% Financing

With a Mass Save Heat Loan you pay no interest with financing.

MULti-zone climate control

Enjoy the ideal temperature in any room in your home. Each mini-split system can warm or cool the air to the desired temp of each individual room. Everyone can enjoy their personal temperature in their own independent climate zone. No more fighting over a shared thermostat!

Dedicated Customer Service

We're committed to doing the job right at the right price

Home Mechanics is your one stop solution for all heating & cooling needs. We know the best technology for the best price so you can trust the system we install will be reliable and affordable. 

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100% Satisfaction

We are dedicated to ensuring you are happy with the final result. 

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Speedy service

We respond promptly and work quickly so you can have comfort ASAP.

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Affordable solution

Mini-splits are affordable HVAC systems with efficient operation. 

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Quick and easy

Installation is simple and quick without the need for ductwork.

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