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When you hire Home Mechanics you're getting a team with decades of expertise keeping the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems of a home up and running. From new installs to old repairs, we'll ensure your equipment is working perfectly by the time we leave. As a family owned business, we've seen it all, not just in customer homes, but our own as well!

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We are committed to finding the most efficient, cost-effective solution to preserve your home comfort and safety.


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Noel Profile

Noel Gillis | Principal

When people talk about Noel Gillis, they could easily be talking about three separate people - an efficient and experienced plumber, a skilled project manager, and a versatile HVAC technician with an eye for detail. However, not only does Noel provide amazing insight from his exceptional experience as a tradesman but he is also proficient at ensuring homeowners have a solid understanding of technical explanations.
When you’re talking about people who thrive under pressure, you’re talking about Noel. Maintaining customer satisfaction in a high-volume business is one thing, but when you’re adding in $1million+ homes and no mistakes, you know you’re dealing with a perfectionist with an excellent eye for detail.

Of course, this level of professionalism flows on to other areas of his life, but at work, it is his extensive knowledge of complicated systems and his effective communication ability that ensures he can share his skills. This not only means providing direction to junior technicians and supervising apprentices, but wider skills that include translating blueprints, schematics or HVAC system plans to laypeople. If you need technical expertise, and actually want to understand the advice given, then you need to talk with Noel.
The key areas of expertise you will find from Noel include:

  • HVAC Repair & Installation
  • Boilers and Hot water systems
  • Field installation expert
  • Blueprint Interpretation
  • Project Management Software proficiency
  • Digital control systems
  • Experienced technician trainer
  • Estimations and job planning
  • System Diagnostics
  • Safety Procedures

With a work ethic like Noel's, it should hardly be surprising that he has strived to be the best – and this also explains his dedication to consistently updating his skill set, and his commitment to customer service. Noel not only likes knowing stuff, but he also enjoys sharing that knowledge – which makes him the perfect person to consult with for all your home repair queries.

William Profile

William Stewart | Master Plumber

William Brings over 40 years of experience as a master plumber. He has the unique ability to bring decades of experience to provide modern solutions. His craftsmanship and ability to understand the most complex systems is unmatched. With William on our team we can offer our clients the best possible solutions to any system they may have. Not only is William a master plumber, but he was also a plumbing inspector, project manager for public and private projects and a leader in commercial solutions. If we could describe William in a sentence it would be that he is a brilliant plumber with a calm and unshakable demeanor. If you get to meet “Bill” you will be lucky to hear the wealth of knowledge and life experience he possesses. An all around great guy!

Karen Dushay | Director of Operations

Karen brings a lifetime of experience in the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical business to Home Mechanics. She has passionately lead teams to overcome their hurdles and exceed their targets. Respected by her peers throughout the industry, she has demonstrated a reputation of building who teams love their work as much as their teamwork. When Karen is at the head of a project, everyone knows it gets done right.

Phil Profile Pic 1

Philip DiRenzo | Director of Sales

Communication is key for driving sales, between staff, between management and between customers. Whether ‘sales’ is defined by an exchange of money for a tangible or digital product, or by the number of people who sign up for a volunteer drive, when it comes to creating ROI Philip DiRenzo is who people seek out.

One of the key points of difference that Philip brings to any business is his ability as an analytical problem solver with fantastic people skills – not a combination you normally find. Philip is a skilled communicator. Rather than just being a ‘catch phrase’ Philip uses this keyword to explain his proficiency in creating written reports and directives, or in providing verbal information that reaches a target audience. Being able to relate to people on their level is a core skill and in innate ability.

Philip is the person you call when you want to take your business or organization to the next level but are not sure how to do so. Working out the best sales strategy for your industry and coaxing the best performance out of staff is what Philip excels at. In addition, you can rely on Philip’s negotiation skills to help you thrive in your industry, no matter what area you are in.
Again, sales is about communication – and sometimes that is selling staff on why they want to achieve new goals. Having someone on your side who thrives motivating people not to ‘be the best’ but to exceed their own expectations.

Everything Philip does is done with passion and drive. Never one to sit back on his laurels, he has always enjoyed striving for his next achievement, both in personal endeavours and business. This is why Philip is the person to help you. 

Chris Profile Pic 1

Chris Cocchiaro | Director of Marketing

Fighting the idea that marketing is just about making people buy stuff they don’t want, Chris Cocchiaro is a passionate storyteller with a drive for helping create connections – the true purpose of marketing!

When creating a strong comms strategy for any campaign, whether to promote a brand, a product or an idea, Chris creates an integrated marketing plan with clear guidelines and goals. Without having a strong idea of what you want to achieve from your marketing strategy you are throwing away money, and diluting your brand.

Not everyone can understand your brand and what you really want to achieve. So, you need to make sure that the person you are working with is able to ‘get’ your business. With Chris you have someone who has been involved in every facet of marketing, and worked for someone of the most iconic global brands (Starbucks, Gap, and Old Navy). While that level of experience may be intimidating for smaller businesses, Chris thrives when working with organizations that embrace innovation. The right marketing is more than expertise, it’s about integrity and personality. Someone who knows how to translate a business plan into a story that appeals to your audience.

This all translates to an dynamic and determined marketing specialist who can help drive your business results.

When you need a marketing plan that gets results, then you need to find someone with creative problem solving abilities and a true passion for strategy. That would be Chris Cocchiaro.

Isabelle Profile

Isabelle Daburon | Controller

For many people, numbers and accounting are like a foreign language, but Isabelle Daburon is a native speaker. A person who thrives on patterns, her ability to read, comprehend, and then translate financial reports, budgets, spreadsheets, and audit documents is impressive. Often when you find someone with such strong numeracy skills they seem to lack a certain degree of people skills. However, Isabelle is unique in her field, with highly developed interpersonal skills, and communications skills that allow her to translate complex financial concepts for a wider audience.

Part of Isabelle's strength is also what makes her unique - exceptional management skills. She has been responsible for leading a variety of departments, including accounts, IT, and payroll, for firms of a range of sizes from small startups to those with multi-million dollar turnover. As a respected financial controller, Isabelle has strong research abilities, allowing for accurate analysis of financial information and calculations. Of course, she also has excellent accounting skills that include expected experiences such as monthly financial reporting, annual budgets, sales/use tax maintenance & reporting, cash flow projections, contracts, and year-end schedules. However, the primary reason that Isabelle is the person you want assisting you with anything related
to numbers is her ability to present data and information in a way that you will understand. She doesn’t “dumb” anything down, she just manages to clear everything up – the very meaning of excellent communication skills.

Isabelle is everything you would expect from an accounting expert, and so much more.
Bringing a people-focused management style that ensures collaboration, cooperation, and

Mark Profile

Mark Vance | Field Manager

Since he was a kid watching his dad fix everything around the home, Mark has been learning and mastering everything from electrical to plumbing to HVAC. His attention to detail ensures every part is installed perfectly, and every project finishes successfully. When Mark is on the task there's nothing to worry about.

Carolyn Headshot 1

Carolyn Cutting | Customer Service

Carolyn is hyper-focused on elevating the customer experience.  She comes to us with years of experience in Customer Service, Project Management, and conflict resolution.  Carolyn will make sure your project moves smoothly and efficiently, from start to finish.

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