Plumbing Services

Control when and where water flows

Plumbing emergencies can strike at any time of the day or night. And when they do, you won’t face them alone. For we have got you covered with our emergency plumbing service. Whether a small leak or catastrophic flood, Home Mechanics will come to your rescue. We keep the water inside pipes where it belongs!

Some of our popular services are found below. But this is by no means not a comprehensive list. From the common problem to the obscure, we've seen it all. So give us call for professional plumbing solutions ASAP!

FAQ / Tips

What do I do about a clogged drain?

Plungers have their limits and chemicals have their risks. Unclogging a blockage can be messy and require specialized tools like a snake. If you want a no hassle, fast solution, then it's best to have a pro deal get things flowing again. 

Why is my water a weird color?

Your water may be temporarily discolored if you haven’t used your faucet in a while, but if it is a regular occurrence you should call in help. You could have rusted or malfunctioning pipes.

What is causing my water bill to be so high?

The simplest answer is that you could have a leak somewhere. It could be anything from your toilet to the water heater. We'll track down the source.