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Whether you are seeking old lighting repairs or want to upgrade to new LED lighting installations with the latest technology of illumination, Home Mechanics is there to get the job done!

Reach out to the best in the field for smart lighting solutions!

Your Go-To lighting services provider at an affordable price.

Trust the experts when looking to lighten up that home with some basic light fixtures, light repairs, or complete illuminating upgrades. Our trained, qualified, and insured technicians possess the skills, knowledge, and tools to complete all your lighting needs and complete it in no time.

Make informed decisions prior to booking our services; for that, consult our experts over a phone call; they can pay a visit to have a look around and get back to you with keeping the right solutions handy.

Home Lighting

From fixing broken lights, faulty switches, and obsolete fixtures to upgrading the whole lighting of your home, we do it all. Do not think twice when upgrading to the new generation of devices, bringing advanced technology to the home. With that, you get to transform your home and even reduce your utility bill. For instance:

  • Save money with energy-efficient LEDs
  • Upgrade the color of the room's lighting with color-changing bulbs
  • Control all lights from your mobile device with smart switches
  • Add ambient and accent lighting for multiple layers of light
  • Operate the lights remotely even while away from home

At Home Mechanics, our technicians are highly experienced in providing lighting services, are well-versed with almost all brands of equipment, and specialize in servicing older equipment, so rest assured knowing that your light fixtures and smart home solutions are in the right hands.

Energy Efficient Home Lighting Solutions

We offer a full line of lighting installation, maintenance, and repair services your home requires, all in one place. Count on the trusted professional, your very own Home Mechanics, for exceptional services and quality craftsmanship.

How Do We Charge?

When lighting fixtures don't work right, turn to trusted professionals to be your allies. Especially when it comes to electrical repairs, you can't compromise on quality; they must always be dealt with by experienced and licensed electricians. Any glitch in the fittings may cause fire or electrocution. The cost of lighting fixtures, repairs, services, or complete LED lighting installation will depend on a number of factors, including:

How old is your home

The costs vary considering the age of your home because lighting repairs in newer homes are usually easier and more straightforward, considering how the wiring is newer and simpler in new places. On the other hand, the wiring of older homes often needs to be upgraded or replaced a number of times, which becomes rather expensive and more of a complicated repair.

Scope of the repair

How much the lighting repairs will cost will also vary depending on how complex the issue is and how deep it goes. Electrical repairs can be of all kinds; they might have to do with the fixture or the whole wiring.

Location of Damage

Electricians and professionals may have to make an extra effort to cut through walls in order to access the wiring. That precisely sums up the situation with the location of the damage; hence the costs for such repairs may go higher and require more time.

Call the experts at Home Mechanics to get an estimate for your lighting repair today. The experienced technicians from Home Mechanics have the right knowledge and tools to repair your light so it looks as good as new!

Schedule a Comprehensive Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Repair Evaluation

If you are facing any issues with your home's light fixtures, look no further, for Home Mechanics is the trusted name in Boston you can turn to. Schedule your appointment with us for the lighting repair and replacement cost estimate service today. Hire us and sit back and relax, as we ensure that your lighting systems run smoothly throughout the year!

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing Home Mechanics means getting a team with decades of expertise in keeping a home's HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems up and running. Once we take up your project, we ensure every inch of the problem is fixed, leaving behind properly functioning equipment for you. Whether new installations or old repairs, our dedicated technicians thoroughly complete the job. We have seen everything as a family-owned business, from annoying tiny repairs to huge installations.

Start today with a Free Quote

We have got energy-efficient devices, cost-saving rebates, and industry-certified expertise to back it all up for you and put it all to use for your home improvement! We are here for you and your needs, standing our ground to find the most efficient, cost-effective solution to preserve your home's comfort and safety.

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Is budgeting important when working on the lighting of the house?

People often wonder if they should set a budget for their lighting and, if so, then they need an expert to get the job done right. We say it's always the right choice to go for a safer option and keep count of every penny you spend on home installations and repairs. At Home Mechanics, we work with you throughout the process to help you figure out what your lighting needs are. And for that, we also offer a free quote.

Is it possible to integrate lighting with my smart home?

The answer is definitely a yes; today's advanced technology has made it possible to integrate smart lighting with your smart home system. All you need to do is integrate the two, your wifi and a smart lighting system, and then you are good to go. If you are looking to install a smart lighting system, call Home Mechanics to get the job done right!

How to hide lighting in the ceiling?

Concealing the lighting in your ceiling will require you the assistance of lighting experts, which you can easily find on Home Mechanics. We come to your home, assess your lighting needs, and advise you on how to achieve your goals.

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