Drainpipe & Septic Treatment

Plumbing's final destination

Your septic tank and drainpipes are the final exits of everything flowing through your home. While they may be out of sight, they can't be out of mind, because they'll dramatically be brought to your attention with a crisis should a problem arise. If pipes can't drain outside, then the sewage will stay inside! 

When is treatment needed?

Home Mechanics offers everything from emergency repairs to regular maintenance for your septic system needs. Oftentimes septic tank issues seem to happen without much notice, but we are here to help you get any blockages cleared quickly.

The first signs of breakdown include odor or slight blockage. It can be hard to determine what exactly is happening at the start and this is why septic tank issues can go unnoticed for a long time. 

Our experts recommend preventative treatment as a way to avoid drainpipe clogs or even complete septic failure. If you haven’t followed a yearly maintenance schedule, keeping an eye on any irregularities in your drainage will be important to catch clogs early. If you see these things happening in your plumbing system make sure to avoid DIY chemical drain cleaners and give our team a call.