Air Conditioner Installation & Installation in Greater Boston

Why Choose This 5-Star Licensed Air Conditioning Contractor 

Home Mechanics is trusted air conditioning installation and repair company. We serve residents in most of the state, ensuring homeowners stay cool throughout the summer heat in Massachusetts. 

A properly installed and serviced AC unit can make the difference between a house you tolerate and a home you love. Popular options include:

  • Replace your aging central air conditioning with an energy-efficient model
  • Go ductless with a mini-split and heat pump system and save big with great rebates from Mass Save and Federal tax credits.

Our skilled technicians will listen to your HVAC needs and guide you to the right decision for your home and your budget.

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Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

AC Replacement

  • Expert assessment
  • Informed recommendations
  • Energy-efficient central AC models
  • Energy-efficient ductless AC Mini-splits
  • Affordable HVAC options
  • Timely responses
  • Fast & free virtual quotes available

AC Installation

  • Manufacturer & EPA Certified HVAC installers
  • Personalized AC solutions
  • Highest standards of quality
  • Efficient design standards
  • Competitive prices
  • Trane Comfort Specialist™ Dealer
  • Up to 12-year warranty* on all installs

Excellent Customer Service

  • Focused on safety
  • Respectful of your time
  • Qualified, licensed & insured
  • Helpful, honest & trustworthy
Home mechanics

Before you replace... Try these tips to save on air conditioning

Air conditioning can be expensive to operate for extended periods, but in summer the heat rages all day, so to cut down on costs, here are some energy-saving tips to keep you cool: 

  • Use the ceiling fan first, which is much cheaper to operate. It makes you feel cooler.
  • Get annual maintenance on your AC unit to ensure it is working efficiently. 
  • Get a programmable thermostat which you can set to turn down the AC when you're not home.
  • Verify your air vents and ducts are open and not blocked by anything.

What to Know About Home Mechanics Expert AC Installation

With proper installation and maintenance, an air conditioning system can last a long time. Installing an AC system correctly is critical if you want consistent cooling, energy savings, and long-term comfort.

If you are not a professional, we do not recommend installing a new A/C unit yourself. Home Mechanics' professional A/C installers understand the significance of evaporator coils, condensers, compressors, building codes, gas lines, and electric circuitry so you don't have to. You should know: 

  • Professional air conditioning installation can increase efficiency and longevity.
  • Certified HVAC technicians assess, measure, and correctly size each unit before installing it. 
  • Your Home Mechanics AC installation comes with an up to 12-year warranty*, as well as safety and customer service guarantees, so you can relax knowing you're in good hands.

Professional AC Services Without Risk

All of the work we do in your home goes above and beyond the call of duty. Our promise to you is risk-free, professional service. And it's supported by more than just words.

Your HVAC technician has received extensive training and is EPA certified. Your air conditioning service is covered by liability insurance that is twice the legal minimum.

Reliable AC service

To be sure your air conditioner is working by the time the heat arrives, we recommend units get a thorough inspection and coil cleaning at least once a year. Doing proactive maintenance like this can save you money on your utility bills and protects your investment for years to come. 

Quality Service

Install a new central air conditioner or ductless air conditioning system. Get air that's crisp and refreshing. Guaranteed.

Do you want to work with a skilled team of HVAC technicians? For heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical needs, contact Home Mechanics or send us an email at We are always prepared to offer you the best HVAC solutions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we'd be delighted to assist!.

Air Conditioning FAQ & Tips

How often do I need air conditioning and heating maintenanced in Massachusetts?

At Home Mechanics, we recommend that you schedule tune-up services twice a year—once before the start of the summer months and once before winter begins. This can help you avoid unnecessary problems during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

How can I tell if I need professional air conditioning and heating services?

Generally speaking, if your heating, air conditioning, or ventilation systems are not working properly, it’s wise to schedule service with a trained professional. How can you tell if your air conditioning and heating system isn’t working properly? Check for strange noises, unusual smells, reduced efficiency, higher energy bills, or other unexplained issues with your home’s systems.

Check out our insight into checking your system, here.

What are the three types of HVAC and Air Conditioning systems?

There are three main types of air conditioning systems available, including: 

  • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners:  Ductless systems are a very popular solution in homes with multi-zone requirements, or when installing ductwork is not favourable or cost prohibitive. Currently in Massachusetts you can enroll in the Mass Save program and receive thousands in rebates towards your ductless mini split installation. 
  • Ducted Air-Conditioning: Ducted heating and air conditioning, also known as Central Air, can be quite efficient and is a popular system in new builds when builders may plan for ductwork throughout the structure of the home. With that said, they can have a high up front cost to plan for and install the ductwork. Central Air may not control individual rooms as easily without custom installation or modification. 
  • Portable Air conditioners: These are units you find in windows and are typically very easy to move room by room, or house by house. With relative low up front costs, they can be an effective way to cool a small area temporarily.

Is ductless better than ducted air conditioning or central air?

In general, yes! 

Ductless is a great investment and solution to heating or cooling different zones of your home and remaining highly energy efficient. Ductless mini-split A/Cs are easy to install, easy to use, and backed by an incredible warranty. 

Check out why ductless mini-splits may be the best next project for your home!

What are the best HVAC Manufacturers in the USA?

Home Mechanics partners with Navien, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, and Rheem. 

Which air conditioner manufacturer to use may depend on your situation, home size, install location, and many other factors a professional HVAC company can help with.

How much does a new air conditioner system cost in Massachusetts?

Central air conditioning installation includes many factors depending on the unit required, specific complexity, and labor time needed to install and ensure proper operation. An air conditioning specialist can offer a free quote that ensures you only spend what you need to keep cool in the summer months.

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