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Whether you are buying a new home or upgrading your existing home, the experts at Home Mechanics can help you with pipe repair services, upgrades, replacement, and relining. There are many benefits to upgrading your plumbing system and choosing the best contractor for the job is important to the workmanship you receive. With us, you will receive transparent pricing, high-quality materials, and a satisfaction guarantee. 

When to take action

Keeping your entire plumbing system in its best shape sometimes means replacing or relining. This is the normal course of plumbing systems over time. If you find yourself doing more and more repairs, upgrades can stop that and even save money. In some instances, we can just reline what you already have and it will work as well as it ever did. An in-person inspection by Home Mechanics is the only way we can tell you exactly what is needed. Our guarantee is that we will never upsell you or charge you for things you don’t need.

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Expert Pipe Repair Services in Boston, MA

Call Home Mechanics today for dependable pipe repair and replacement. Pipes that have been damaged can be difficult to repair. 

Aside from dealing with low water pressure or no water at all, you'll need to find the right plumber and possibly part with some cash for repairs. Look no further than Home Mechanics if you need pipe cleaning service, repairs or replacement in Boston, MA or the surrounding areas.

Our skilled plumbers have the knowledge and experience to complete the job correctly the first time. You can rely on us to handle any routine or emergency pipe repair or replacement you require to get your plumbing system back in working order. 

We can help you with a bellied pipe, root intrusion, leaking joints, pipe corrosion, or pipe leakage.

Signs that your pipes need to be repaired or replaced

Regular plumbing inspections can assist you in identifying piping issues before they worsen. To stay ahead of the curve, keep an eye out for the most common signs that your pipes need to be repaired or replaced.

Visible corrosion

If your pipes are showing signs of corrosion, it's time to replace them. Pipes with flaking, discoloration, or rust should be replaced.

Cracked pipes

Cracks can cause pipe leaks. A simple repair may be sufficient if a pipe has a small crack but is otherwise in good condition. Pipe replacement may be required if there are large or multiple cracks.

Aged pipes

Pipes have a long lifespan. If your pipes are nearing the end of their useful life, you might be better off replacing them with newer, more energy-efficient models. Winters results in freezing pipes as well which needs to be fixed.

Low water pressure

If you notice a drop in water pressure, it could be due to corrosion in the pipes, which restricts airflow.

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FAQs on Pipe Repair

How do I choose between pipe repair and pipe replacement?

In general, replacement is recommended if a pipe is older, severely damaged, or partially or completely collapsed. A Home Mechanics plumber in Boston, MA, or the surrounding areas will also give you an honest opinion so you can make an informed decision based on your specific situation.

How can I avoid having to make an emergency repair?

Begin by scheduling camera inspections every 1-2 years so that we can quickly identify minor issues with your pipes. We also recommend keeping a separate can for grease and cooking oils and being cautious about what you flush and discard down the drain.

What should I be aware of regarding trenchless pipe repair?

Trenchless pipe repair in Boston, MA, and surrounding areas is a method of pipe repair that saves the original pipe by repairing it from the inside. This is usually accomplished by applying a special type of coating material that hardens to form a durable, smooth surface.

When are conventional pipe repair methods superior?

If it is necessary to fully expose the pipe for safety or logistical reasons, we may recommend a traditional approach rather than something like a pipe bursting. If more than one pipe in the same area needs to be repaired or replaced, traditional repair may be recommended.

What is the process of pipe bursting?

If repairing the pipe is not possible, we may recommend burst pipe repair, which is a method of replacing the pipe without traditional excavation. It is a procedure that entails removing the damaged pipe and replacing it in the same location.

When is it time to replace your plumbing pipes?

Because different pipe materials have different lifespans, consult your plumber about the expected life of your pipes and plumbing connections. When remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, or basement, replacing your plumbing is a good idea.

Keep in mind that maintenance, frequency of use, and water quality all impact your pipes' lifespan. If you suspect a problem with your plumbing system, contact a professional plumber right away.


Expert Pipe Repair and Replacement Services

When it comes to exceptional craftsmanship and world-class customer service, you know who to call.

Choose a reliable company like Home Mechanics for professional pipe cleaning services, repair and replacement services in Boston, MA.

Call Home Mechanics at (978) 391-6775 for your heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical needs, or email us directly at info@homemechanics.com. We are always ready to provide you with the best HVAC solutions.

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