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  • Improve heating and cooling efficiency all year round in Burlington
  • Don’t heat or cool unused spaces
  • Create a customized heating and cooling zones
  • No need for ductwork

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Ductless Mini-Split Pumps in Burlington:

Improving Your Comfort While Saving Money All Year Long

The Energy Consumption Situation

During the cold Burlington winters and hot summers, it's imperative to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Unfortunately, this is also one of the biggest contributors to energy consumption.According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA):

  • 10% of all electricity generated in the US goes to cooling building interiors (392 billion kilowatt-hours).
  • 6% of all electricity produced in the US goes to cooling residential homes (236 billion kilowatt-hours).
  • 2.9 billion gallons of heating oil were consumed in the Northeast for home heating in the winter of 2019-2020 alone.
  • The Northeast consumes 86% of the nation’s heating oil supply.
  • Massachusetts ranks third in heating oil consumption.

Not only are our current resources being consumed at an alarming rate, but electricity and residential heating oil prices have dramatically surged. Furthermore, due to the changing weather patterns that continue to occur, these costs will remain high for a substantial amount of time.


Burlington, MA Mini-Split Heat Pump Advantages

If you're someone who currently uses heating oil, investing in a ductless mini-split heat pump is an excellent way to step away from that finite resource and become more energy efficient. Not only are these systems far more reliable than central HVAC units, but they also outperform window units when it comes to cooling your home.

  • Choose which rooms to heat and cool.
  • Set different temperatures in each zone.
  • Eliminate the need for ductwork.
  • Reduce the need for oil deliveries.
  • Reduce energy consumption all year long.
  • Reduce allergens in your home.
  • Improve your convenience and comfort.
  • Save money all year long.

They also bring other benefits to the table and we’ll explore those below.


Choose Which Rooms to Heat and Cool

Central heating and cooling systems don't offer much customization to which rooms are heated/cooled and which ones aren’t, thus leaving you with a massive energy bill. With mini-split heat pump system however, the power is in your hands! You can:

  • Heat and cool only those spaces you want.
  • Reduce energy waste and costs due to heating/cooling unused or little-used space.
  • Customize your heating and cooling to fit your lifestyle and usage needs.
Set Temperature

Set Different Temperatures

As compared to a traditional HVAC system, which allows you to set the temperature for your entire home but not individual rooms, ductless mini-split heat pump systems offer much more control. With this innovative technology, you have the freedom and flexibility to adjust each room's climate according to personal preference.

  • Choose which rooms to heat or cool.
  • Choose the temperature for each cooling/heating zone.
  • Set a different temperature in the bedroom and living room, or dining room and guestroom.
  • Completely customize your heating and cooling to fit your needs as they change.

Eliminate the Need for Ductwork

Ductwork is responsible for transporting heated or cooled air from the central unit to each room of the home. It’s big, bulky, and takes up a lot of room in your attic (or under the floor, depending on the design of your home). It’s also inefficient and bleeds conditioned air into unused space. Over time, the insulation on your ductwork can also fall away, decreasing your system’s efficiency and performance. It's time to break up with your central HVAC. With a ductless mini-split system:

  • You improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling.
  • Eliminate the need for ductwork anywhere in your home.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple registers.
  • Eliminate the need to clean ducts regularly.
  • Eliminate the potential for mold growth within ductwork.
  • Make better use of the space in your home without ductwork.
Oil Deliveries

Reduce the Need for Oil Deliveries in Burlington, MA

If you're seeking to decrease your dependence on expensive and finite home heating oil, ductless mini-split heat pumps can be a workable, energy-efficient option. Why warm up each room of the house if they are not all used daily? With mini-split systems, you have the ability to:

  • Target your heating in the rooms you’re using right then.
  • Reduce the need for oil deliveries.
  • Reduce your reliance on a finite, costly resource.
  • Reduce your annual home heating costs.
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Reduce Energy Consumption All Year

Homeowners typically look forward to spring and fall since they can decrease their energy use during those times. But what if you could do the same thing in winter and summer too? Ductless mini-split heat pumps make that possible! Not only do these systems reduce your energy bills, but also improve your home's comfort year-round.

  • Reduce year-round energy consumption.
  • Save a significant amount of money each year.
  • Use less energy to heat or cool targeted areas of your home.
  • Keep each area more comfortable by setting room-specific temperatures.
Reduce Allergens

Reduce Allergens

Indoor air quality is often worse than outdoor air quality. Have you ever noticed your nose constantly running and your eyes always itching due to the dust, pollen, pet dander, and bacteria that accumulate in your air ducts? Even if you replace the filter regularly, it will still be present as long as condensation is not getting rid of. With a mini-split system, however, no more allergies! Installing one can help improve indoor air quality while saving money on energy bills simultaneously.

  • Improve your indoor air quality.
  • Reduce symptoms of asthma, COPD, and other breathing conditions.
  • Eliminate the possibility of mold or bacteria growing in your ductwork.
  • Enjoy purer, fresher air in your home.
Mini Split Heat Pump

The Convenience You Deserve

It's difficult to deny that space heaters and window units are anything but clunky at best. Not only do they offer subpar heating or cooling, but they're also inefficient. On average, a regular window unit lets in too much cold air while space heaters take an eternity to warm the room--so why not try a mini-split heat pump instead? With this type of system you can experience far better convenience due its efficient performance with both heating and cooling capabilities.

  • Replace both your window unit and space heater
  • Heat and cool your space rapidly and efficiently
  • Deliver reliable, comfortable performance all year long
  • Allow you to reclaim the view out your windows
  • Allow you to stop lugging space heaters in and out of storage
Financial Savings

Major Financial Savings

Finally, if you’re concerned about the cost of upgrading to a mini-split heat pump system in your home, there’s great news. Right now, the Mass Save® program is offering a wide range of rebates for the installation of qualifying high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.

  • Save $250 per ton with a qualifying mini-split heat pump.
  • Earn a $1,250 per ton rebate for mini-split heat pumps for fuel optimization.
  • Net between $500 and $1,500 for installing integrated controls into existing mini-split heat pumps.
  • Get up to $25,000 in a 0% HEAT Loan for making critical improvements to your home’s energy efficiency.
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Burlington HVAC Professionals Bringing Real Change

With ductless mini-split heat pumps, you’re set to enjoy a wide range of benefits. They’re better for your comfort, and they’re better for the planet. And with the Mass Save® rebates, they’re better for your bank account.

The challenge comes with finding the right system. Only certain mini-split heat pumps qualify under the Mass Save® program. Choosing the right number of units and configuration for your home can also be challenging.

  • Do you want a wall-mounted unit?
  • Would a floor or ceiling-mounted setup be better?
  • Most outdoor units can work with up to four indoor air-handlers, but what if you need more?

By working with a reliable mini-split HVAC specialist in Burlington, you can be certain of securing the perfect configuration for your home's comfort all year round. Not only that - but we also promise to bring about significant savings and rebate opportunities! Get in touch today to create an optimized heating and cooling plan tailored just for you, so you can save both money and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much space can a ductless mini-split heat pump warm effectively?

With a correctly sized unit, you can keep almost any size space warm throughout the winter without paying for costly heating oil. The key is to work with a specialist how can properly size the exterior unit and help you choose the right type of indoor unit(s).

2. How much money can I save by switching to a mini-split heat pump?

Ductless mini-split heat pumps are much more efficient than your old forced-air system. You can save between 30 and 40% on your energy costs each year.

3. Do I need to keep my old heater?

While your ductless mini-split heat pump will be your primary source of heat, we recommend keeping your existing system in case of extreme weather conditions.

4. How long will a ductless mini-split heat pump last?

Today’s systems are very advanced and can offer a lifespan of 30 years or more. However, it is important to maintain it properly over time.

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Fantastic experience with Home Mechanics. Noel and his crew were on time, professional, and did great work. They quickly changed out or furnace with a new high efficiency one. Job was completed in just two days. They came back within an hour a couple of days after the system had been functioning to make a small adjustment. A+ company.

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